5 Personalised Bride And Groom Gifts For A Perfect Wedding

5 Personalised Bride And Groom Gifts For A Perfect Wedding

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Looking for personal wedding gifts for the bride and groom and not sure what to get? Gifts for the happy couple can often be a bit predictable, and the newlyweds seem to end up with several cutlery sets, a few picture frames, 10 bottles of champagne, etc!

So why not think outside the box and surprise the happy couple with something completely unexpected! Here are a few unique gift ideas that will make yours stand out from the crowd!

Before you pursue things further, you should consider a few factors. Firstly, when it comes to being personal, it’s best you know the likes and dislikes of the couple so as to avoid the possibility of going to such great efforts, only for them to be disappointed in your purchase.

If you’re unsure about a certain idea, then you can do your own background research by checking the wedding gift list to see the sorts of gift ideas they’ve listed. This should help you develop a better understanding of their tastes.

A Memory Box

A memory box makes a beautiful and sentimental present for a special couple to fill with memories of their big day, such as champagne corks, table names, cards, invites and photos. You could have the box personalised with the bride and grooms’ names and the wedding date, even have a secret message written inside.

Personal keepsake box for bride and groom

A Cushion

When it comes to choosing a wedding gift,  you can’t go wrong with a home accessory such as a beautiful personalised cushion, especially if the newlyweds have just bought a house together. Imagine how pleased they would be to see a happy reminder on their couch every day they get back from a hard day’s work.

Personalised Champagne Flutes

Why not treat the bride & groom to a pair of personalised champagne flutes or wine glasses, hand painted to match the colour of their outfits and with names and wedding date on the bases! They make the perfect keepsake and can be brought out on anniversaries for years to come! These glasses are lovingly painted by hand with high attention to detail.

Careful consideration is given to the overall aesthetic which helps to balance out form and function while oozing quality at the same time. They are decorated with pretty pearls which help to complete the stylised and textured background.

A Vase

The bride and groom will no doubt have several bouquets of flowers to take home after the big day! So why not treat them to a beautiful (and useful) personalised vase to keep their wedding flowers in! Not only does a vase make a stunning git, but the bride and groom will thank you for giving them something so useful that they can use straight away!

Personal wedding gift vase for the bride and groom

Personalised Flip Flops

If the newlyweds have a romantic honeymoon planned somewhere abroad, then some personalised footwear make a fantastic and fun wedding gift idea! The couple can wear them as they walk along the beach, and some designs even have a print on the bottom so the couple will leave their names printed on the sand!

Imagine them walking into the sunset, hand in hand while every footstep reminds them of the amazing future that awaits them. What better personalised wedding gifts for the bride and groom to enjoy on their honeymoon!

Personal wedding gift flip flops for the bride and groom